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To help the generations to come to live in a pollution free environment.

Green solutions you can trust

100% Eco-Friendly  <>  110% Customisable

Product and packaging solutions made from Cassava, Corn Starch [Poly Lactic Acid (PLA)] & Bagasse ranging from Carry Bags
Cups, Plates & Cutleries and more.

What makes our products special! 

These are the materials we use to make the green products we offer, click to know them better.

Our Clientele’

Our Partners with the green vision.

What they say about us!

Testimonials from our partners, govt. officials, activists & experts.

Sustainable development is our companys’ prime goal and we could not find a better partner than greenisle 

Mohamed Sadiq Bin Abdul Khayoom

CEO, Weava.


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